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To The Death!

Sometimes you wish video games came to life right? Well this bored office worker decides to do just that!

You play in a office job with a money driven manager where all he sees is dollar signs. Eventualy, he comes to his senses and defeats humans greatest enemy, Greed itself.


Etienne Gonthier: Programming, Design

Ashley Muir: Pixel Artist, Programming, Design

Jonathan Erlandsson: Background Fighting Music

Install instructions


  • Movement:
    • Left and Right Arrow keys
    • WASD
  • Jump
    • Space Bar
    • Up Arrow
  • Shoot
    • Ctrl (left and right)
    • Left Mouse Click

Install Instructions

1. Click Download

2. Right click file

3. Extract to your desired location

4. Open file

5. Double click To The Death.exe

7. Set Desired Options

8. Play.


ToThe Death 31-03-16.2.zip 15 MB

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