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Sellout is a 4 player twin-stick shooter, designed around the concept of trust.

Players control two characters each and work together defending a bank vault from SWAT forces while grabbing as much money as they can. With only survivors getting a cut players must watch out for their friends, those that fall return for revenge as members of the SWAT.

This game is played with 4 Xbox controllers (no keyboard support, sorry) and was developed in 6 weeks.


Hayden Burr – Game Design – Lead Design, Project Lead

David Whitehouse – Game Programming – Lead Programmer

Sean McAllister – Game Programming – Assistant Programmer

Hamish Standfield – Animation – Characters

Lachlan Murray – Animation - Characters

Ben Drury– Animation – Environment

Erika Verkaaik – Animation – Logo

Kevin Wu – Audio – Menu Track, Sound Effects

Alexander Ross – Audio – Game Track, Sound Effects

Thalia Colettis – Audio – Sound Effects

Felan Leong – Audio – Sound Effects

Install instructions

Resolution best set to 1920 x 1080. Please note that in its current state the game is still being developed and is a little buggy but this shouldn't impact the game.


Sellout_2015_12_21.zip 55 MB

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