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This game seen is seen as a representation of what alcohol can do to the people around you. I chose to use the space bar function to be destroying the scene behind the father as a representation that every time you drink, you destroy the world around you.

I also added movement into the game so you can inspect the scene walls as you walk past them and see more of the story as you walk around the game. Adding the blue sprites above each panel gave the player more of an objective to see more of the story as it progressed. Seeing as this is a story based game, this adds a lot more reason to explore the scene you are in and see what the story could unfold.

In the airport scene, you will see at the end panel you will see the son actually run (slide) off the screen heading towards the airplane and on that same wall, the text will say "Why do you have to go back to your mothers?" indicating that the son is leaving the father due to his alcohol abuse.

The ending was a representation that the more you drink without looking at what you are destroying, not only will you lose family and friends, but the world around you too.

And the flower at the end, well… that was me. Even though my father has made mistakes. I still love him.

Install instructions


Arrow keys: Movement

Space Bar: Drink

Install Instructions

1. Click Download

2. Right click file

3. Extract to your desired location

4. Open file

5. Double click Unity file

6. Change resolution to 1600 x 900

7. Tick the Windowed Box

8. Play.


Drink by Ashley Muir.rar 32 MB

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