A downloadable game

Made for a Student Project, this is a 'personal game'.

Wrong Tree is a 2D platformer. The player controls a green apple and can use the Left/Right Arrow Keys, or the A or D button to move. Pressing the Up Arrow, W or Space Bar buttons cause the apple to jump.

Just be careful, jumping will cause the apple to bruise. Once the apple is completely bruised, the player will not be able to jump anymore. As a platformer, jumping is needed to finish the game. Also, since the apple is round, it will roll according to physics.
For those who did not grasp the meaning of the game in their playthrough, there is a button on the 'win screen' that leads to an interactive 'roll through' of the metaphors and meanings of Wrong Tree. Simply rolling off the side on the far right will reset the game (via lose state).

The apple is a green apple, fallen from a tree that only grows red apples. The green apple tree is on the top of a rather steep and rough hill. So go there, go to where the apple was meant to go from the beginning, whilst also avoiding holes in the ground and absolutely remembering to dive into strange bushes. This is imperative.

The meaning behind Wrong Tree is that of a particular aspect of my life. That aspect is that I am transgender. Transgendered? Both work in this context.
Anyway. The climb of steep and difficult hill is how I feel on the subject, a difficult climb that seems endless, and that I am forced to change myself to keep moving. At the moment, I'm not going anywhere no matter how hard I try. But in Wrong Tree, 'I' make it, get what I wanted and become comfortable with 'myself'.
From the perspective of an apple.

Install instructions

  1. Download and Unzip the file
  2. Make sure both the Exe file and the Data folder are in the same location
  3. Open Exe, ensure that the screen resolution is correct and then press Play.

Note: If in any point you are stuck in game, press ALT + F4.


wrongtree.7z 11 MB