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This is a two week project for an SAE game design class. I had a lot of fun with it!

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Current version: v1.2

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A TCK (third culture kid) is someone who is raised in a culture outside their own parents' culture in significant parts of their developing years. This phenomenon exists because of modern-time globalization (international education, transnational immigration, international career opportunities, to name a few,) and causes a person to miss the development of a personal or cultural identity. This description does not solely apply to children, but can also describe adults who were previously a TCK. These are referred to as ATCKs (adult-third culture kids.)

My second-to-second mechanic has the player move a circle into other circles, denoting the discordant action of meeting and socializing with other people as an ATCK.

My minute-to-minute mechanic puts the player on an invisible timer. It only becomes visible (and audible) when there are ten seconds left, which means to incite a sense of unexpected urgency I have personally felt. In addition to that, both the timer and the quantity of non-player characters that are required to befriend are immensely unforgiving. This, on top of the urgency is meant to convey a sense of hopelessness that is often felt with an alienated person.

My 'hour-to-hour' takes you through the countries I have lived parts of my life in. The experience in its entirety gives insight on the struggles of an ATCK. They leave the player frustrated and despondent.

As an afterword I would say next time I will not approach development thinking an abstract game is easier to manage.

- Max Kapoh


If you happen to find any bugs or have any cnc, email me at 110862@student.sae.edu.au

Install instructions

Simply unzip the folder and run the .exe.

Have fun!


TCK_v1.2.rar 9 MB