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The local museum has recently started showing the holy grail. It's time to steal it with your buddy. Avoid numerous security measures, and steal the holy grail.

This game is local co-op, where player one uses a Xbox 360 controller, and player two uses the keyboard.

Privacy Statement: This game collects data on numerous aspects of gameplay. No personal data is being recorded or collected.

Note: this game is in development, and does not have final art.

This game was made by:
Shaun White - Design and Programming
Nicholas Royal - Design and Programming
Jon Flores - Animation
Reece Anderson - Audio
Shane Griffin - Art
Sophie Bracmard - Art

Install instructions

To play this product you must download it and extract the zip folder.

Click download

Once complete, right click on the zip folder

Click Extract...

Chose where you want to extract the files to and then extract it

When that is complete, click on "Stealth Buddies.exe" to play the game.

A microsoft Xbox 360 controller is required to play this game.


Stealth Buddies.zip 93 MB