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"Open, please ?" is a two week project with simple mechanics developed by a student, Etienne Gonthier, to ameliorate his skills in design.


The overarching idea behind Aristotle philosophy is good is created by balance. While this philosophy possess some issues, this game message, "Open, Please ?", inspires from it. To either prioritize yourself or others, I want to take a look on why individuals tried to maintain a balance between those two or not. It's a subject interesting to take a look at.

In today's western society, it is expected of people to helps others when they can. Personally, I believe in this principle, as it can helps others. Nonetheless, it leads myself sometimes to not prioritize myself enough. I can understands that sometimes I need a balance, but if others needs help and I am available, I will feel guilty to not contribute for others.

In "Open, Please?", we will live a short day of the protagonist. What happens during the gameplay is mundane. We will relive each day over again. It leads us to experience a routine, where we decide on what we want to do. No matter what happens, we will get through the end of the day, so it let us change our behavior between multiple days.

Depending on our actions, we and the crowd will react differently. If we don't tried enough to make them happy, they will complain. But, if we overextend our self, we will get sick at the end of the day. The day will be only good if we find a balance between those two concept.

I hope you will enjoy it and think more about this concept.


Open,PleaseBuild2.zip 19 MB