A downloadable game for Windows

Two miners. Best friends, you could even call them brothers. Are working at the base of a winding cave mining for gold. It's time for Hickory to do some mining so Sorek is holding the lamp.
The ground begins to shake and the lights start to flicker. A terrible crashing sound is heard as the roof caves in. Hickory and Sorek are now separated by a wall of rock.

Can you both escape the cave in?

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the two files and folder to the same place
  3. Keep XInputInterface.dll with the exe or controllers will not work
  4. Insert two controllers
  5. Run the 'Cave_In_Exhibition_Build (v1.3).exe'


Cave_In_Exhibition_Build (v1.3)_Data.zip 55 MB